Our Aims

is open and seeks to be fully inclusive. We connect with families, personal budget holders, carers, peer groups, providers and independent brokers supporting the development of all types of support brokerage.

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The Members of the NBN keep up to date with the development in brokerage within the UK as well as Internationally, here are some Links that you may find useful:

Realife Trust


Support Planning


Age UK

London Brokerage Network

Eastern Region Brokerage Network

Disability Rights UK

Centre for Welfare Reform

Office for Disability Issues


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About Us

The development of the NBN is being led by the NBN board:
• Liz Leach (Chair of the National Brokerage Network; NBN Northern Region Co-ordinator; Managing Director: Imagineer Development CIC)

• Andrew Carpenter (NBN London Region Co-ordinator)

• Des Sowerby (NBN adviser)

• Tony Phillips (Director: Realife Trust and NBN Company Secretary; NBN Eastern Region Co-ordinator)

• Colin Campbell (Director; Lives through Friends; NBN South West Regional Co-ordinator)





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Welcome to The National Brokerage Network

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